Monday, January 31, 2005

new hobby?

Maybe I should start a new hobby? I'm still traumatized and haven't finished pulling out the bad stitches in my needlepoint. On Shabbat I met someone who crochets her hats; ok, some are nicer than others. The problem is that she does them in a couple of days and has over 70, and I don't need to collect more clothes, hats, etc. Though I bought more stuff just last week, including, shh--don't let my husband know--two more hats! But they're gorgeous!

The crocheting is getting more tempting as I read Moze, who actually thinks, or hopes, the Moetzet Yesha crowd would ever accept me, even if I hadn't spent all that money on electrolysis. I just hope that I can hold onto my teaching job, or I'll have to hustle and try to make money off of my writing. I tried The Jerusalem Post, but they weren't very interested, told me I could submit and wait five days for a decision and then after being rejected, submit the articles some place else.

I guess I could crochet for my daughter and granddaughter, but forget about kippot, too small and strains the eyes. I would really like to oil paint, but you can't carry that around in a pocketbook. I've been keeping my camera handy, the film one. I must get my "baby" to teach me how to do more than just shoot with the digital.

No idea what I'm doing today. Yesterday the school secretary called asking if I'd teach, even though it's not my day. She never confirmed, and no one was there to answer the phone in the afternoon.

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Moze said...

It may not count as a hobby, but you could always do what the teenagers do--crochet those hats, but then sell them for somewhat more than it cost you in materials. You have the fun of planning them and working out design flaws, everyone who sees them talks about you and your talent, and you don't have to find space to store what you've made.