Friday, January 28, 2005

just like I learned in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes

Yesterday I promised someone I would do something, and I didn't say bli neder, so I must do it now.

A Mincha Story, Ladies' style

Yesterday I was in Jerusalem after work. I thought I'd doven mincha when traveling, but I couldn't. Suddenly I realized that the sun was about to set; last minutes to doven mincha. I was in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusaelem, a very religious one, and men were calling other men to join a mincha minyon, but women weren't included. The clock was ticking, and there wasn't even a quiet place I could just stand and doven. I kept walking, and the clock ticked. Suddenly I remembered a hat store that once saved me, less than two years ago, erev rosh chodesh Sivan, when my daughter was over-due with Hallelie, and I was wearing a new straw hat, and it started to rain, that terribly dirty last rain, like squeezing the final liquid out of a dirty rag. I had to do something to save my hat, buy a tichel, scarf.

I remembered a hat store on Rechov Strauss, near Nivi'im and went there. They were very sweet and sold me a scarf and gave me two bags to protect the hat. So that's where I went. I walked in and asked if I could doven mincha there. No problem; I found a suitable spot, dovened, thanked the saleswoman, told her the old story. She remembered me. I looked at the hats, gorgeous, irresistble, reasonable prices. I bought one.

...and then I promised that I would write about her store in my blog.

Shabbat Shalom

ps If you go there, please say the mincha lady sent you.

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