Sunday, January 02, 2005

baruch Hashem, thank G-d, it's raining

after a few
over warm
over dry days

we were promised rain
but all the world
jokes about
the weatherman

just to be safe
I pulled out
the computer plugs
before going to work

at the very last minute
changed into boots
sworn as
warm and waterproof
just to be safe

didn't even realize
it was raining
so silent and gentle
dripped from the heavens

only a five minute walk
to the bus stop
and half way there
felt funny
on my feet

but my boots were
swore the salesmen

two minutes later
no doubt
toes squishy
in the socks
under the stockings

and my jacket
that had kept me
warm and dry
for the past few years
sprang a leak
or two or three

and wetness
creeping into
the strangest places

I pulled out
my cellphone
called the
secretaries at school

SOcks and dry Shoes

thought I was joking
totally serious
no way
I'd survive
wet feet
until night

and one
the same size feet

greeted me
with dry supplies

Baruch Hashem,
yored geshem
thank G-d
it's raining

how else
would we know
we can wear
each other's shoes

and traveling home
back in the wet boots
protected by dry socks
and miracle rides home

can't complain
Baruch Hashem
it's raining

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