Saturday, January 01, 2005

finally continued again Psalms Ecclesiastes

I can't believe that I'm still on my first page of notes.

T'hilim, psalms 33, 7 some progress
like creation, G-d moves the water to the "side" so there will be land. water makes a wall, same word used when describing the dividing, opening of the Red Sea.
Water circulates arouond the world, interdependence.

Traditional debate between the wise men, Rabbi Yehoshua and Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Chanina:
a-G-d gives according to our efforts
b-not according to efforts
c-according to need

8 fear G-d
There's a description of an earthquake in Shmot 19, 18 and in T'hilim

Shmot 20, 17, Moshe tells people don't be afraid to die. It's because G-d wants you to fear him if you don't behave. We need the fear for respect. Popular trend in psychology to say that fear and guilt are bad, but they're not.
In Hebrew, the root of to see is resh, alef and the root of to fear is yud, resh, alef
If one doesn't see, one doesn't fear, and I guees the opposite is true, too.
9-11 There are people who think they can outwit G-d
9 G-d decides and that's it, man can't change anything.
that's why the contant bombardment of Gush Katif hasn't driven the people away

Chapter 2 The aim of the goyim is to destroy the Geula, redemption.
Hitler couldn't destroy us. It gets on their nerves that there's a nation that follows G-d, in spite of all they do against us. Again, thek politicians, the left, the media can't understand what's going on. Arik Sharon hasn't really done anything serious against the Arabs bombing the south: Sderot and Gush Katif, daily, nightly all the time. He keeps thinking that the residents will abandon it and run away and then accept any hovel any place, among the whores and drug dealers. and they can't understand how the people stay. It's making the left very angry and they have volunteered to serve in the army to pull people out of their homes. Because of that I told one of the "organizers" here not to tell people to refuse to serve. Better to be there in uniform and then disobey orders. Otherwise there will be evil people just waiting to try and, G-d forbid, kill innocent people.

Shmuel Bet, Samuel 2, chapter 17. King David flees his rebellious son Avshalom, leaves a spy, the overseer, Achitofel gives avshalom ideas of how to capture/defeat David. Avshalom isn't sure so asks Chushai, who says that he shouldn't listen, needs more than 12,000 men. Needs that everyone will attack David. Avshalom accepted idea, but it didn't work, and he was punished.

Kohelet tomorrow. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, but I don't have the energy to go over it.

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