Wednesday, January 05, 2005

T'hilim, Psalms, Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, 3-01-05

not much tonight, turned on my timer, since I'm exhausted. Sorry about tall the typos, can't catch them all.

T'hilim 33, 13
Nissan referred us to Job. Job complained that G-d doesn't pay attention to what he does. There was no reason for all the punishment. He denied that he sinned. "It's not fair!" Friends tell him that he's wrong.
33, 14 G-d does see everththing that happens on the earth. Why should G-d pay attention to what's behind man's action? G-d pays attention to every little thing. because he created us; he cares; it's important to him, like to any parent.
Thoughts are stronger than action. Intention's important. also thoughts have strength.l Linguistically in Hebrew lachshov, to think and chashuv, important are teh same roots.
14, 15 Rosh Hashana, can't figure out what I wrote
not that everyne's the same. means that G-d simultaneously sees and understand everything. We should thnk of every day as Rosh Hashanah and repent. always stay up to date. That way we'll sin less.
But G-d decided that we're i a world of "nisayon" (experiment, trial) We have to try to do it on our own.

alarm went off
G-d willing continued tomorrow.

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