Tuesday, January 11, 2005

like old times

one of my 9th graders
"Daddy's taking me home, today."

my ears perked
maybe a ride in
the right direction?

"And when is
he coming?"

"Oh, 7:15,
after the last class."


another one
whispered to his friend
"The teacher wants a ride."

Blank response

let it ride
(bad pun)

end of the day
preparing myself to hitch
but with eyes
to a waiting father

a familiar face
once my regular driver
in the good days
of taxi service

"Good to see you."

"How are you? Are you ______ father?"

"Yes. And you're the English teacher? Are you going home? How"


"Join us!"

and so
for the first time
since Pinchas was almost murdered
by Arab terrorists
four years ago
he took me home

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