Thursday, January 27, 2005

really losing it

A couple of my wonderful readers have been trying to help me learn to link without giving the whole address, and I've copied, pasted, deleted, pasted etc from various htmls or whatever they're called, and I keep getting error messages that I'm missing something.

I feel retarded.

But for the good news, I've had a couple of very impressive requests from people who want to use my musings, including someone who wants to translate them for his site. Ok, so people are more interested in my social and political commentary than my blogging technique. I can live with it.

And I haven't checked how I'm doing in the polls. Does anyone know?

Must correct tests and get ready for my exercise class. It's funny to think that our teacher used to be a tv star and "personal train" beauty queens. Now she has us; though she looks great!

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