Monday, January 03, 2005

You're not going to believe this!

update on boot saga

I should have kept you in suspense.
I schlepped the two pairs of leaky boots to Jerusalem. And I was all prepared for a fight, two fights. And anyone who knows me well, knows what that means.

Let's start with the "rediculous boots" which I only bought because all the salesmen, in two branches of the chain insisted that they were the most waterproof and warmest boots, of specially invented material, etc. I mean, you have to see these boots. You'd plotz to think I'd wear them, fake moccasins with pompons, don't ask. And when they leaked yesterday, forget it, five minutes and my socks were soaking wet.

Ok, miraculously I found the bag with the name and address of the store. It's not one of my regular spots to spend in. I really didn't plan what to say, but when I saw a clone of my boots, right here on display I couldn't keep quiet and said: "Those boots aren't waterproof." Why pussyfoot around? The staff was in shock.
"Lady, what are you talking about?"
"You told me that these boots are waterproof, and they're not, and I had to call the secretaries at work to bring me something dry to wear yesterday."
"They're waterproof if you spray them."
"Spray them? You never mentioned spray" in a tone that made it clear that I never would have bought them under such conditions.

Well, bottom line. They gave me a free bottle of spray, which must be applied every couple of weeks, my contribution to the ozone layer. Sorry.

Second pair of boots, bought on sale at the end of last winter and worn only on Shabbat to go to shul or in the neighborhood. You should know that the shul is only a block, or less away, sort of via a path past our backyard.
The store I bought it from is a veteran Jerusalem store, where I've bought many shoes over the decades and they used to have a cute place for the kids to sit.
Lucky for them, I was much calmer, after getting my spray. I opened the bag and explained that I hardly wore them, obvious to anyone looking at the almost unmarked sole. The manager calmly took them to send to the manufacturer and gave me a card, took my name and number.

Customer service has arrived.

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