Wednesday, January 12, 2005

t'hilim, psalms, kohelet, ecclesiastes 11-1

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T'hilim 34
David thanks G-d for everything but asks "Why foolishness and insanity?" Why did G-d make crazy people?
His answer is in First Shmuel 21, 11-16
The story of how Achish the King of Gath didn't recognize him. David feigned madness and he was freed.
The story is told slightly differently in T'hilim. It mentions Avimelech, not Achish. Could it be the same person? Could Avimelech be the "family name" of the kings there like Pharoah was in Egypt. Or could it be the same Avimelech of Abraham's time. See Bereishit 20 for that, how Avraham and Sara went to Egypt.
Avimelech was considered a righteous man.
David was considered an enemy of Gath, because he had killed Goliath. The actual killing was considered acceptable, because it was a time of war. But what worried the Gathians much more was the promise Goliath had made.
First Shmuel 17, 9 If anyone could destroy him, they would rule over his country. David was supposed to be given the rule. Read that whole chapter.

"shin-tet" means unbalanced, unstable. Problems between the inner and outer personalities. Sotah, Bamidbar 5, 11 impulsivity, unintentional.

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