Saturday, January 15, 2005

part 1 Just Like In The Movies!

As you must know, I'm a bus traveler, at least when I can get a bus. If not, I'm not too fussy. One of the downsides about my modes of transport is that I wait around a lot. What can I say? Boring, but never dull.

One day, waiting at our bus stop exit, here in Shiloh, a young woman pulled up in a car. At first I thought that she was going to park just at the bus stop, which even here, where traffic police are rare, would be rather foolish. I'm learning to "count to ten" before saying anything. It keeps the foot out. Good thing. Soon she was heaving a heavy duffle bag out of the car and asking us if the bus to Jerusalem had already come (and gone.) She was happy at our negative reply. She told us that she'd be back in a minute to wait with her bag; she just had to park the car in our "commuter parking lot."

to be continued....
if you want to guess the ending or the middle, since this was just the introduction, just comment your guess.

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wendy said...

Did the bus leave before she returned?