Friday, January 07, 2005

and more on t'hilim and kohelet

We're on Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, already. The last sentence in chapter 4, which should be with chapter 5, see previous for explantion.

Look at the First Samuel 13, 18 (I think)
The biblical commentators claim that Shmuel was against sacrifices, but that isn't true at all. He just chastized Saul for changing G-d's instructions. G-d didn't want Saul to make a fancy sacrifice, He wanted him to destroy Amalek's cattle etc. (Every time I learn about this, I think of reform and conservative Jews who both delete and embellish G-d's commandments instead of just obeying them.)

In general, sacrifices will only atone for unintentional sins, not intentional. You can't rationalize sin by planning to sacrifice afterwards.

Back to Kohelet, we must first make sure our body is ready before praying to G-d. One also must be properly dressed, as if visiting someone very important.

Sorry, but this is short, I have lots to do in the house. Friday morning.

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