Saturday, January 08, 2005

Ecclesiastes, Kohelet continued again

a bit of anthropology, ancient cleansing
Bereishit, Genensis, 35, 1-2
when G-d told Jacob to go to Beit El with his family

1-put away strange gds
2-purify (wash) yourselves
3-change clothes
4-get up and go to Beit El to worship
first the neshama soul, then the body, then the cothes

not all the Kohanim work full time in the Beit Hamikdash, and not everyone who visits sacrifices

Kohelet 4, 17 fools offer sacrifices incorrectly, no idea they're mistaken,
fool who doesn't want to learn, reminds me of reform and conservative
5, 1 Also dovening too long is foolishness according to Ibn Ezra
ashrei before mincha and pizukei d'zimra before shacharit to prepare the mind and soul for dovening.
we have to turn off, tune out the daily stuff
2- dreaminess comes from too much talk.
foolish people talk too much; even too much "spiritual" talk isn't good

Berieshit, miketiz, 41, 13 dreams are given power by their interpretation, like with Joseph.

That's it for now. Sorry took so long to write out. That's it for the last session.

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