Wednesday, January 26, 2005

link field-lunk head

I definitely feel dumb. Still can't figure out exactly what this link field business is. I do know what a link is. I even learned how to add links to my blog sidebar and even set up someone else's, as if I was a real expert.

Blogger instructions mention "appropriate place." Rather vague and subjective.

There is a linking trick I do want to learn. It's how to link without showing the whole address. For instance, in my previous post, I refer to an old post of mine. How can I do it by just having a previous word in the new text highlighted as the link to the old one?

Or, if you've visited Rachel Ann's "Hevel Hevelim," and you see that she has highlighted words as the links to other people's posts, including a few of mine. Thank you, Rachel Ann. If I knew how to do it, "Hevel Hevelim" would have had been the link. Since I'm a blogger lunk head, I had to copy the entire address.

I'm sure that it can't be so difficult, since everyone knows how but me, and I'm not that stupid. Or am I?

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wendy said...

Go here:
he explains how to link. I usually copy and paste his stuff onto my blog, then change the information for what I want to link. If I was good at this I would just remember all the < a / stuff, but I prefer to just keep his site in my favorites and go there as needed.