Monday, January 10, 2005

easy lice removal, promised someone

When I was a kid, lice was something from history books. But today, and when my kids were growing up, lice was something that fell in history books, or from head to head. One of those undesireable side effects of letting the kids meet others and frequently caught by adults.

When I was battling those little itchy bugs, a neighbor gave me a suggestion that develped into my "easy lice removal" method.

Three days of cheap salad, or baby, oil in the hair. Twice a day add more and comb out the bugs and eggs with a fine-toothed comb. Wipe the junk off of the comb with tissues or toilet paper.

By the end of three days, bugs and eggs all dead. Double shampoo and you're set. Just doesn't and can't promise that you'll never have the problem again. If so, repeat oiling. At least it's non-poisonous and non-irritating. You may want to wear clothes, or dress your kid in clothes that can survive the oil, or you don't mind throwing out.

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