Sunday, January 30, 2005

misc. Update and last chance

I haven't been on for two days, longest break since I started, I think. We were in Jerusalem for a Tekuma Shabbat in the Peace Hotel, the Shalom, in Bayit V'Gan. I remember it being built. Our Jerusalem apartment was on Rechov Bayit V'Gan facing east. The hotel has certainly aged. Friday night during the first course, liquid began pouring down from the ceiling onto tables near ours. At first it seemed more humorous than anything else. That was until the unfortunate diners realized what the liquid was. To be "polite" let's just say that a sewer pipe leaked "yuch" in the Peace Hotel on the supporters of Tekuma, the religious party in the Ichud Leumi, National Union.

As soon as they realized the seriousness of the "iru'ah," event, there was a "pinu'i," withdrawal, as the Arab waiters cheerfully carried our tables out of the sewer. In typical Jewish fashion the jokes were hysterical, and in typical Jewish fashion, most of us resumed our meals.

The theme of the Shabbat was "tikshoret," the media. I'm sure that this was not the type of report nor event envisioned.

Last week, me-ander was given lots of links/publicity in the Hevel Hevelim. I have no idea who's hosting it this week. It would be nice if the organizer would at least announce things on the Israel Blogger list.

On a completely different note, I think that today is the last day for voting for best blog. In recent days, many people have visited the site due to the fact that me-ander is a nominee. I hope some of you will return, even if you didn't give me a vote, and of course it would be nice to get some votes, even if I'm last in the polling. I haven't checked recently. Ignorance is bliss, or just more bearable than seeing those pathetic numbers, but I'm used to being in the minority.

What has really amazed me is the agreement I've gotten from my musing against today's demonstration. You can read it on Shiloh Musings.

And if you want to vote for me; I appear in a number of categories for both blogs, here's the link.

Thanks, and Shavua Tov.

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