Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Need To Be "Coached" Into My "New Life"

G-d is good! Siyatte D'Shmaya, the Hand of G-d moves things in the most amazing ways. As I've been mentioning, I have to start some new way of earning money and using my talents. I really don't want to return to the classroom.

Through the recommendation of a good friend, I found myself a coach, Yehudit Lynn Yosef, of Dynamic Solutions For Women. I definitely need someone to coach me through all this. Otherwise, I'll never accomplish all I need to do, and I'll just procrastinate and procrastinate, wasting valuable time.

I must admit to being frightened. I'm about to enter a new world, and I can't afford to just dabble. Dabbling, I've been doing. I remember how scary it was to enter the classroom as an English Teacher for the first time. I hadn't the vaguest idea what to do, but somehow I succeeded in teaching the boys what they needed.

Now, my aim is to utilize the talents I have and make a business out of them.

Yes, I'm going to have to start a business. I can't work in the "black," illegally. Clerical stuff is one of my weaknesses, but I'm going to have to find ways to cope. Yehudit will help, and then I can hang my shingle out to coach others. And once "I" become a business, I can also commercialize my photography. And of course, I must try to get some money from my writing.

At least I took those first steps. I started my Diet Support Group, and I have a coach of my own.


Anonymous said...


Batya said...

t, thank you so much

Leora said...

Rah, rah, Batya. Cheering you on from the sidelines.

Batya said...

Thanks, it's exciting and scary at the same time. I need your support.

Anonymous said...

Mazal tov!! I know from personal experience that Yehudit is wonderful--caring, warm, professional, funny and very, very helpful!

Chazak v'ematz!


Batya said...

Ruth, thanks. I know with coaching that the burden of success is on me. It's quite a challenge.

Anonymous said...

I am Yehudit´s "lovely lady" (that is how she calls me) from South America and would like to share some of my short but changing-life experience I have had with her way of coaching and the EFT technique. I have only started but I can say to all great women hidden behind "just women" not to wait and start right now as life goes by and we loose such beautiful opportunities to shine like G-d always wanted us to do.
I was the founder and Artistic Director of a well known dance company of the area. That company was my dream come true. Then, after almost 30 years, it blew away and left me full of difficult feelings, no motivations for anything else, very depressed. I was like a boat lost in the sea with no direction. Since I started with Yehudit my whole being has felt new life, new strengh and specially, do not want to ever come back to old emotional habits, hurts and places, that kept me imprisoned from enjoying the freedom of this magnificent time that I was born into and from fully using all my talents to make a difference to everyone around me and, OF COURSE, my own self.
Her precise and powerful, gentle and joyful, way of confronting you or make you work at your own goals is quite unique. I have experienced therapies from different beliefs but never had such a laughter and sense of acomplishment. Pearls are not easy to find and she is one. Through my dance carreer I worked a lot with groups and individuals and that taught me much about people. That is why I thank the Heavens to have found such a great lady coach... It is a privilege for me and I am sure it will be for you too.
¡Mazal tov!
Adriana B

Batya said...

Adriana B, thanks for the encouragement. It's exciting and frightening together to attempt something new. It's good not to be alone. Good luck!