Tuesday, December 21, 2010

American Tackle Football, Very Israeli

Honestly, what could be more American than tackle football?  And what could be more Israeli than the IDF Israel Defense Forces COGS Chief of General Staff?

Or maybe things aren't as they seem?

Who's the top quarterback of the best IFL team, the Jerusalem Lions?  His son:

Begin Center

Yes, that's Gabi Ashkenazi, Itai's father.

And what do I care about football?  In general, not much, except that my youngest also plays football on the same team.  Israel's a strange place, yes, a country of Jews from all over the world.  There are all sorts of things we all have in common and very different.  And we're all products of our pasts, not that football played any role in my past.  But can we control our kids?  No way.

If you want the watching NFL football experience, go to the Lions Den, HaGov, the best kosher sports bar & grill in Jerusalem.  It's also a fantastic place for dinner.  You don't have to look at the screens.  Don't tell anyone, but I don't.


Leora said...

I know nothing about football. But this is SO true:

"But can we control our kids? No way." We can just educate them and feed them and pray for the best.

This post made me smile - I can't imagine having child who plays football, but I do have a son who plays fantasy football (it has something to do with following scores and real players... I don't get it. A brainy kid's version of football).

Batya said...

I guess you can consider raising kids as the greatest mystory story. We'll never really be able to predict.