Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"...Just To Hear What a Wonderful Son You Have."

The other night, very tired, I got off the bus and started trudging up the hill to get home.  The walk from the bus stop to my house is mostly up hill, at least a half a kilometer up hill and then a bit down again to the other side of it.  Somehow, it always seems longer after getting off the bus.  It's especially long when I'm alone.

I didn't have heavy bags, so I just kept going and didn't stop or wait for a ride.  I hate standing around waiting.  I hate standing around waiting even more than I hate schlepping up the hill.  So, I kept on walking.  It really wasn't so bad.

I noticed a small car going down.  It sort of slowed, then in the corner of my eye I noticed it stopping and turning around, reverse.  Suddenly it stopped right next to me.  One of the young men of the neighborhood was in the drivers seat:
"I just couldn't let you walk it."
What a sweet kid.  He turned around just to give me a ride home!

Yesterday, around twenty hours later, again I was trudging up the hill.  Suddenly a car stopped right next to me.  It was the father of the young man who had given me a ride just the night before.
"Would you believe...?  Just twenty hours earlier, your youngest gave me a ride at this very spot.  He was on his way out, saw me and turned around so I wouldn't have to walk.  What a darling boy."
"Actually, I was on my way out of Shiloh, when my wife said that I should get something from the house. That's why I'm davka here right now."
"No, you're here right now just to hear what a wonderful son you have."
I have the best neighbors here in Shiloh.


Hadassa said...

I'm sure the son had seen his father turn around for other weary neighbors.

For anyone considering a community in YoSh, you won't find better neighbors anywhere else!

Batya said...

Yes, I told my neighbor that his son was raised well. Of course not 100% of my neighbors are so wonderful, but the percentage is higher than in most of the world.