Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lots of New For Me Clothes

I was thinking of having my husband take my picture, after Shabbat of course.  I was dressed in my favorite colors, black and cherry red.  I even got a compliment after shul.  Now, where did all these gorgeous clothes come from?  Shoes and underwear, I bought.  I also bought the black חולצת בסיס chultzat bassis, basic shirt, which is a simple tight, thin knit top of various sleeve lengths generally worn under shirts, jumpers, jackets or dresses.  Actually I was wearing it under a cherry red cardigan with ruffles, that I had picked up in New York over a year ago.  Last year I even wore the cardigan to weddings. 

Since I'm not working enough, not earning enough, I can't spend on clothes, but I really needed some new winter skirts.  I only had two that were actually wearable.  One my friend found in a clothing g'mach and another that I was given third hand from relatives.  In Israel, you can wear "summer" skirts all year, but I was tired of that and didn't want to age my summer wardrobe by wearing it in the winter.

B"H, totally unexpectedly, some great clothes were sent by the same relative, including and a couple of classic A-line woolen skirts that actually fit me perfectly.  A few more skirts, some for summer, are a bit tight.  They aren't the height of fashion, but they are wearable with the right tops, like my fancy American cardigans.  Also beggers can't be choosers.

One of them is black, just perfect for the cherry red cardigan.  And to literally top it off... when I was in NY after taking my father to Arizona, I was given a dressy woolen jacket, in cherry red and matching red hat with black trim that had been in my mother's closet.

OK, it may not be the most youthful outfit in my wardrobe, nor the most modern, but it fits, it's fun and it matches.

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