Monday, December 27, 2010

First Real Coffee in a Week! Modah Ani... Thank You, G-d, For Giving Me My Health Back!

My tastebuds aren't fully back this morning, but I decided to take the plunge.  I cooked up a batch of my usual Turkish coffee, boiled with some sugar in a small pot.

Post-flu, still recovering but for sure last night I was pretty close to normal, Baruch Hashem, Thank the Good L-rd.  HaKodesh Baruch Hu, The Holy Blessed Be He, is being very good to me.

Yesterday morning the clinic nurse told me to be patient.
"As long as there's some gradual improvement, you're doing fine.  There's nothing the doctor can do for the flu."
My latest pictures are being uploaded to Photobucket.  I'm back to using that to blog pictures, since Picasa said that I've reached their maximum for the free account.  Sorry, but I can't afford to pay any extra.  I actually like the general service on Photobucket just fine.  My computer with Picasa did do some fun things, but I'll just have to live without it.

Last night I attended a totally fantastic festive TaNa"CH Bible study evening at Matan, the Siyum of our Al HaPerek Joshua studies.

G-d willing, I'll be posting more about it on Shiloh Musings.


schwindler zvi said...

Hi Batia
נדהמתי ממגוון הבלוגים שאת מנהלת
כה לחי,
אני התחלתי לנהל בלוג בנושא כלכלה חברתי וצרכנות
אודה לך אם תעזרי לי בהערות רעיונות לפוסטים
הבלוג שלי

Hadassa said...

Welcome back! And as we say, "Baruch rofeh haholim."

Batya said...

צבי, שלח מייל
Hadassa, thanks. L'at l'at...