Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Likes My Cooking

Good food shouldn't go to waste.  No, I've never gone for the:
"Eat, I cooked it with love."
"Don't waste the food; children are starving in China/India etc."
"It cost too much to throw it out."
"What do you mean it doesn't taste good?  Everybody else likes it."
--fill in your own favorites...
My style is more:
"It's a waste for it to go on the waist."
So, what do I do with food that for various reasons, nobody human can eat?

I give it to a lucky and grateful animal.  There's a local dog who considers me the elite dog caterer, and for dishes like this flu-spiked fish meal, we have some cats who sniff by.  Yes, this white cat is the lucky recipient of the meal I planned on eating the day I was downed by the flu.  I had sampled a bit, so I wasn't going to give the flu virus as extra spice to my husband, certainly not intentionally.


Hadassa said...

Not my favorite, but a favorite of a friend's family: "I made it just for you," even when the statement wasn't true and even when it was non-kosher food prepared for someone observing kashrut.
We have up to seven cats who eagerly await our leftovers. In my experience they do keep the rodent population down so I'm happy to have the fuzzy felines in my yard.

Batya said...

When my kids were young I tried to raise them without any of those emotional food hang-ups, but it doesn't always help. My in-laws were from the other way of thinking. They thought I was cruel.
We don't feed the cats daily, just often enough so we're on their radar.