Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strange Dinner, Mostly Left-Overs

I ate a great lunch out with my husband's cousin.  We ate at the popular Jerusalem, Emek Rafaim, "Joy."  We both chose exactly the same meal:
  • pea soup
  • salmon with (not enough) green vegetables
  • and we shared the sorbet
The only difference was that I had plain water and she has some selzer.

After we took a long walk back to her hotel, I then met a NY friend for some coffee at "Cuppa Joe's."  I just had what they called a pot of filter coffee.  It was that new French press I think.  It was OK and didn't include much milk, which is good.

By the time I made it home, I wasn't all that hungry, but I needed a salad, so I ate:
  • a fresh simple salad (cucumber and tomato)
  • a glob of sesame paste
  • vegetables from Shabbat, mostly sweet potatoes, heated up
  • apple and ginger compote reheated
It all tasted better than it sounds/reads.  I really didn't feel like having a "real meal."  My husband had a large dinner, happily finishing off all the meat left-overs and eating well above his diet regime, but no cake!

Sorry, no pictures.


Lady-Light said...

Sounds yummy! Wish I could have shared lunch with you.
(By the way, I love French press coffee--my sons, now in Israel, turned me on to it. Now that's mainly the method we use to make coffee.)

Lady-Light said...

Forgot to tell you--I love the new colors of your blog, Batya. Very pleasing to the eye.

Batya said...

L-L, G-d willing we will. Thanks!