Monday, December 06, 2010

Miriyummy's KCC!

Miriyummy has joined the exclusive club of Kosher Cooking Carnival hosts with a lovely, moist (B"H, it's raining) KCC!

There are some very tasty posts being served.  If you'd like to join the club of KCC hosts, or are ready for an additional opportunity, please let me know, so I can schedule you in.  To submit your kosher food posts click here.  The Kosher Cooking Carnival is more than just a recipe carnival, because kosher food is not just about eating.
  • Halachot (Jewish Law) concerning kosher animals, cleaning, cooking etc.
  • Traditions, kosher family food traditions, holidays and special occasions.
  • Kosher cookbook and restaurant reviews.
  • And recipes, of course, as long as they're kosher!

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