Friday, December 10, 2010

According to WikiLeaks, Saudis Watch Same TV I Do

Hat tip: Jerusalem Post

We have a minimal satellite dish TV package.  So we get to watch shows from the same TV "stations" as mentioned in the WikiLeaks from Saudi Arabia.

Most of the shows on the "MBC's," Fox Series and Fox Movies are American.  I can even access the program schedule online in English.  I just have trouble sometimes figuring out what time the shows will be broadcast, since Israel isn't on the menu.  And like all the cheap cable deals, the same shows and movies keep being repeated.  Yesterday I finally saw Godfather III for the first time.  OK, I just saw the very beginning and very end, the very pathetic end.  Al Pacino's hairdo in that movie was ridiculous.  It didn't suit anything, certainly not the powerful businessman image the "don" always tried to give.

I wonder how the Saudis dealt with the very strange series "Kyle XY."  If these stations are really so popular in the Arab world, they are getting a very strong dose of American TV style life.  I wonder how the Iraqis take Army Wives.

And if someone from Fox Series is reading this, I'd like to know why Castle hasn't returned and if there's any chance of getting later E.R. seasons.

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