Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Hope My Neighbor Doesn't Convert to ebooks

Every couple of months I call or email one of my neighbors:
"Is it possible for me to choose another batch of books?"
His taste in books is similar to mine.  He picks them up inexpensively in second hand book stores.  He's very generous about lending them out and giving them away.  Recently he let me know that he needed to empty a few shelves, so I should just come and take whatever I wanted.  So I don't have to buy my light reading.

If he was the ebook type, he'd pay  a lot more for the right to upload a book onto some machine (which can't be used on Shabbat) and then he wouldn't be able to transfer those books to the neighbors.  I'm not the only one who uses his "library."

I like real paper books.  One book can be read by dozens or hundreds of people.  That's very efficient use of a tree and a lot friendlier than all that techie material.

Out of the den and off to finish that book I started yesterday...  I certainly can't curl up with a pc...


Risa said...

I have a book which I have been saving for you: "The Song of Hannah" by Eva Etzioni-Halevy. I"ll mail it to you.

Chaviva said...

You've inspired me to procure this:


My downstairs neighbors have an amazing paper library. I covet it.

Anonymous said...

actually, i find my ereader far more comfortable. and i dont have to spend any money on books because i can download books from an american library.
shabbos is a problem, nu nu...

Batya said...

Risa, thanks!
chaviva, that's great, but my neighbor mostly gives the books away now.
A, what about sharing or giving away to friends etc?

Hadassa said...

As far as sharing the ebooks is concerned (Batya's last question), if everyone can download for free, isn't that sharing on a grand scale? Granted the kindle or other device costs something, but for the price of that device thousands of books are available at no additional cost other than the electricity involved with the download.
Paper books will never be obsolete. People, including me, like to hold and smell them and always will. However if periodicals, especially dailies and weeklies, go electronic that'll save a lot of trees.

Batya said...

From what I understand, they aren't free. The right to download isn't all that cheap.