Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bus Adventures, Meet Adam

This year, especially since I'm tutoring in Gilo, I've been traveling on more buses throughout Jerusalem than ever before.  If you want to know the least expensive way to see the city, just get on a bus, especially those with long windy routes like #24.  I caught that one at the Israel Museum when I was on my way to Gilo via the Malcha Mall.  I didn't realize that it would pass through so many neighborhoods that I was sure we were on our way to Kiryat Gat.

The other day, after being dropped off at the Hizme, "check point," the number 147 came.  I knew it goes to Ofra, which was my destination.  Just as I got on the bus I was told that it goes via Adam, a community a couple of minutes north of Jerusalem.  No problem, I hadn't been in Adam for years.  There was a time when Adam was very new and our buses went in.



As you can see, it's growing and seems very well-kept.  There are both religious and non-religious Israelis living there.


Anonymous said...

i love riding the buses in this country! a great way to see everything. i dont even bother bringing a book since the sights are so much more interesting.

Batya said...

I agree. And the prices are reasonable, especially at my age.