Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Back...

The electricity is.  We're having terrible wind storms.  I don't think it has rained much here, but the winds are awful. There was no electricity when I woke up.  Eventually, I boiled myself some coffee, with the sugar.
  • turkish coffee
  • sugar
  • water
It was so much better than the ufesa coffemaker makes me.  So please consider this a customer report, or whatever they are.  This ufesa coffee maker customer reports that the coffee maker is a gyp.  It wastes good coffee, because the water isn't hot enough and it doesn't activate/cook/filter whatever the full flavor out of the grinds.  I've used the same Turkish coffee in a couple of different filter/drip machines, plus in percolators, and believe me the ufesa is the very worst.    It's so bad that I can take the grinds out of the filter, put them in a pot with water, boil and I'll get a much more satisfying cup of coffee.  Now, that's pretty pathetic and a total waste of money.

So, when I have the opportunity, I'll be buying myself some sort of new coffeemaker or perculator, whether old-fashioned or electric, I'm not sure yet.  I may just start boiling up my coffee in the morning, even when there is electricity.

Oops!  I had better return the milk back to the fridge.  I had left it by a cold window instead of reopening the refrigerator when we didn't have electricity.


Hadassa said...

Sometimes you just shouldn't mess with tradition. Coffee beans ground at the "Turkish grind" setting are meant to be vigorously boiled, and not all beans are suitable for that grind.
My husband purchased coffee beans when he was visiting his parents in the USA. He asked the cashier if the machine had a "Turkish grind" setting. The cashier had never heard of it, but the machine did have it so she got a lesson in Middle-eastern coffee.

Batya said...

So, I should find one of those places that grinds beans and get their finest.? I wonder how much that cost. I'll ask Sybil for advice.

Hadassa said...

I'm not sure that the "finest" beans are what you want. You want the best beans for Turkish grind. Ask an expert. I take it Sybil fits the bill?

Batya said...

Sybil knows where to buy the best deals. The ufesa doesn't get hot enough, which may be the reason the coffee is awful.