Monday, December 20, 2010

I Saw "Judge! Song of Devora," Fantastic!!

Last night I had a real treat.  I traveled by bus with a few dozen other women from Shiloh and other Mateh Binyamin yishuvim to Gush Etzion to see Raise Your Spirits Theatre's latest production, Judge!  Song of Devora-

It was totally fantastic.

Here's a picture of me with Sharon Katz whose brainstorm the theater company is.  She also writes and edits Voices Magazine, and yes, of course, she's one of the stars of the show.

JUDGE! – Song of Devora


Risa said...

It really is an amazing performance. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Batya said...

We should get out together more. When will we double-date?

Toby Klein Greenwald said...

Thanks so much for coming! It was great having you!
Send your soldier girls and b'not sherut to our special show just for them at Gavne on January 8th!
Toby (Director, co-author with Yael Valier of JUDGE! The Song of

Batya said...

Toby, you just get better and better!
Is Chana next?