Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jerusalem Street Scenes--The Lightrail Traffic Jam and More

Many of us wonder, are trying to imagine what Jerusalem will really be like once the lightrail is running on schedule transporting passengers etc.  On occasion, I come across the train on practice runs throughout its inaugural debut route.  Yes, this great photo-op of old and new, ancient and modern is the lightrail as it "runs" by Jerusalem Old City Walls, near Shaar Shechem, Damascus Gate.

jerusalem lightrail

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our intrepid pedestrian (your very own blogger) keeps being forced into very dangerous situations.



All I'm trying to do is to get from point a to point b by foot.  Isn't that supposed to be the healthiest way to go?


Anonymous said...

and for much of jlem, the fastest!

Batya said...

Like all cities, no?

Frayda said...

Be careful!

Batya said...

Frayda, I try.