Friday, December 03, 2010

Chanukah Day 2- Another Kosher Chanukah Video, NCSY

I'm amazed that acapella is so popular with the youth!  I had thought that traditional Chazanut was on its way out.

I get a kick out of this video, because it's from NCSY.  I'm a "product" of NCSY, one of its success stories from the 1960's.  In my day, a couple of the popular bands got their starts playing at NCSY events.  Jordy Penkower and the Mark 3 were NCSY fixtures.  They were really great; we even had the Mark 3 play at our wedding.  I had this album autographed with personalized messages from the band.

The Ruach Revival started at NCSY in our Greater New York ACTION Region.  Their style was very different from Mark 3.

Chag Urim Sameach and Shabbat Shalom!


sales said...

Hi Batya,

This is Sy Kushner, one of the founders and musical director of the Mark 3 who played your wedding! Since you are such a fan, you'll be pleased to know that the Mark 3 album has recently been reissued on CD with the original artwork. Even the CD itself looks like the original record with grooves!! Visit for more info on the Mark 3 reissue.

Batya said...

Sy, you guys were the greatest, but by calling yourself "sales" I almost ignored the comment. If anyone wants to get me a present, that CD is top of the list!