Monday, December 20, 2010

Trying to Save an Apple Tree

Quite a number of years ago, (maybe 18,) I did some short translation jobs for a neighbor's business.  He didn't pay me immediately, but then he finally offered money.  Instead of accepting money, I decided to ask him to buy me a couple of fruit trees, an apple tree and a cherry tree.  They were planted in front of my house by some then new immigrants olim chadashim who used to spend a lot of time by us.  The cherry tree never took (and isn't to be found) and the apple tree barely grew all these years.  On a rare year, I'd find a couple of pathetic-looking apples on it.  Recently, due to the years of drought, I'm  relieved just to see a few leaves by the end of winter.


Yes, it does look pretty awful, doesn't it?  So, I've decided to try to save it.  Now when I take a shower, I bring in a bucket to collect the water that gets wasted as I wait for the water to heat up.  I also shower in a direction to get as much water in the pail as possible.  And, you guessed it, every day I schlepp the pail to the tree and pour the water nearby to give it a nice dose.  No doubt, it will take more than one season to get this tree on the road to fruitfulness.


Hadassa said...

I have a neighbor who has the final cycles of the washing machine - the ones without much detergent residue - empty into her garden. We have a very empty yard. Whatever trees the previous owner planted and have survived 15 years with only second-hand watering from the neighbors are what we have: one fruit-bearing fig tree, one spindly almond tree, one olive tree (hangin' in there), one palm that may someday produce dates, one tree that my husband thinks may be an etrog. The neighbors' grapes are shared by a few families. We haven't planted a thing due to water concerns. I empty old water bottles by the trees in the front yard, mainly as a symbolic gesture. It's so sad not to be able to plant in Israel.
Refuah sheleimah to your apple tree!

Mrs. S. said...

In the summer, we use the run-off from our A/C to water our trees - giving highest priority to our aravah tree.

Leora said...

It must be hard to grow an apple tree with so little water. I admire your efforts.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I wish I could get the rinse water into the garden. We have a giant olive tree, planted before we even built here by the yishuv, since we're on a path. Our almond tree is a surprise. If you ever have some extra figs, please send them to me.
I always try to pour water into the garden instead of letting it all go to waste.

Mrs. S. that's a good idea. But we don't have an airconditioner.

Leora, when we planted the tree, the rain was plentiful. There may not be very deep soil either.