Friday, December 17, 2010

Not My Usual Friday

No water and coffee this morning.  It's a fast day, the 10th of the Jewish month of Tevet.  These fast days generally go very slowly.  Yes, fast doesn't mean fast.

I have a lot to do.  It is Friday, and for whatever reason I didn't do today's work yesterday.  In theory I could have, but if I had gotten it all done, what would I have had to do today?  I would have found myself just doing nothing and getting colder.

Friday I cook the side dishes to be served on Shabbat.  That heats up the house a bit.  In the summer, using the oven makes the house so warm, but in the winter, I can hardly feel it.

I just got off the phone with my sister.  My mother had a pacemaker inserted yesterday, and now she'll need more "rehab."  My father is alone with all the helpcare at McDowell's.  He's doing amazingly well all considered.  My sister has to find them a different place, one with more nursing care.  It's not easy for her.  Last year, if you remember, my father lived with us.  It feels like a million years ago.

Enough here in this cold room.

On with my day...

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