Saturday, December 25, 2010

Request, Please

Please, my dear readers, friends, family...

Next year, as soon as the announcements begin offering Israelis their flu shots, please remind me to get one.

Email me, text me, phone me, make the appointment (Kupat Cholim Leumit Shiloh Branch) and drag me out of the house.  Walk with me to the clinic.  I'll behave; I promise.  And make sure I get the vaccine.  Please.

I'll be eternally grateful if it means that I won't have to go through this flu again.



Anonymous said...

Except you have to make sure there are no sick ppl in the kupat cholim at the time! My husband went to get his and within days he got the flu then proceeded to give it to me and then my four year old! It takes 10 days for the immunity to start.. We spent three weeks dealing with fever etc.. then there was chofesh for chanukah!

Batya said...

cm3, how depressing.... What can I do?

Hadassa said...

Influenza vaccines are not very effective because the virus mutates constantly.

Batya said...

If it cuts the chance of getting it, it may be worth it for me.