Thursday, December 23, 2010

Post-Flu, Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet

For many years, decades, I've been reading all sorts of books, articles and magazines touting the health-giving of raw foods.  Because of that I'd switch into raw food gear when sick.  I don't know if it speeded up recovery.  But I did get terrible back pain.  I couldn't move/twist at those necesary times.  I just considered it as part of the flu.

Then I consulted with my brother-in-law, who practices all sorts of alternative medicine.  His original training is Chiropractic, and he has broadened his skills over the decades.  Well, we he heard about the pain and what I had been eating he perscribed cooked food only.

So for this flu, that's what I did.  I have only been eating cooked food, since I went back to eating.  I didn't force myself to eat, like I used to try to get raw salad and fruit in me duing other flus.  I do drink freshly squeezed lemon in water.

This flu started close to 1:30pm on Tuesday, and now it's almost 9:30pm on Thursday.  I'm not all better, but, Baruch Hashem, I'd doing pretty well, better than in the morning.

The abdominal muscles that hurt when I cough could be from coughing or it could also be from the exercise machines I worked out on Tuesday morning.

So, the bottom line here is that the raw diet isn't best at all times for everyone, and it may even be harmful.  And it's not all that natural.  Humans cook.


Hadassa said...

You're doing exactly what we all should always do: paying attention to what your specific needs are at this specific time. What was most troubling about the vegan's story that you posted was that the vegan system her friends were trying to foist on her didn't take into account her specific needs. What I like about the macrobiotic approach as opposed to the vegan approach is that macrobiotics focuses on balance and individually tailoring diets to individuals needs.

Batya said...

In terms of raw and cooked food, season must be taken into account.