Wednesday, December 01, 2010

JBlog F2F at The Kotel

For the past month plus, I'd been trying to figure out how I was going to f2f Chaviva and her husband, Evan, during their trip to Israel.  The "free time options" didn't seem to match mine, but I figured I'd give it one more try.  Last night before I went to sleep I found the cell phone number she had sent me and put it in my phone planning on calling during a break when studying in Matan

I must admit that I barely had breaks and didn't remember my plan to call until I was on the bus to the bus station.  But I called anyway, and apparently G-d decided that we must meet.  Chaviva and Evan were on their way to the kotel, not their original plan for the day.  I was on King David Street, so I got off at the next stop, HUC, and walked down Mamilla to Sha'ar Yaffo, the Jaffa Gate.  Perfect timing.  We arrived minutes apart and I recognized Chaviva.

Since we read each other's blogs and facebook, we weren't real strangers.  And now we're not strangers at all.


Chaviva said...

It was *truly* a pleasure to meet you IRL :) I'm blown away at how many of my e-friends I was able to catch up with on this trip. My e-mishpacha and Israel mishpacha are so big, so loving, and so awesome.

Hopefully, soon, those families will merge for me :) Aliyah? *hoping*

Batya said...

My dear Chaviva, you've come a long way so far and no doubt you'll succeed being "zocha" to say:
"Ness gadol haya POH!"