Monday, December 06, 2010

Just A Drop In The Bucket

According to the predictions, this rain is not to last very long.  We need twenty hours of rain each day for the next few months.  There should be four hours of sunshine so the water will have a chance to seep where it's supposed to seep, deep, deep down in the ground. This drought is far from over.

Keep praying.

Pray for rain and for wisdom for us and our politicians in government.  We're all in this together.

The picture is from an earlier rain.


Hadassa said...

We shouldn't be too precise about hours and days of rain needed. There have been surprises. Adir Zik, z"l, commented one year when the level of the Kinneret rose dramatically in one day that the sudden rise was to show the secular scientists who's in charge. (That was a paraphrase of Adir's words.) Predictions of how many days of rain were needed proved to be false. We need another miracle winter like that one; I'll try to find the year. The large amount of rain needed this year is unfortunately not a disputed matter.

Batya said...

you are right