Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards* is Following RivkA

*Elizabeth Edwards has passed away, more quickly than her family had expected.  May her memory be a blessing to her family, and may her children inherit her strength.

Breast cancer may be considered a "chronic disease," but the life-span is too short.  Elizabeth Edwards' family has announced that her cancer has spread to her liver.  That was the announcement that RivkA made a few short weeks before her death.

I only know Elizabeth Edwards from the media, but I had met RivkA a few times.

May G-d give their families strength and good health.


Leora said...

Cancer is a nasty "creature" - my mother's colon cancer had spread to her liver. Not a good sign.

May we all live in good health, make good choices as best as we can and (somehow?) accept the parts of life we can't change as God's plan.

Batya said...

never easy