Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rain, Can't Complain... Just Some Thoughts

I don't think there has been all that much rain, more wind than rain, but when I was walking home from the shiur (class) I got soaked.  Yes, my shoes didn't hold up to the rain at all, and my good wool skirt didn't protect me.

Luckily I left a heater on, very low, for Shabbat.  We just have a few electric radiators.  The trick is to leave them on low all the time so the house doesn't get too cold.  There's actually a thermostat in the radiator, so if it gets too warm the heating element is off.

I don't have decent boots.  There has been so little rain; I've survived without the past few winters.  I have tried to buy some, especially when I was in NY over a year ago to bring my father here.  I had a couple of hours to shop and tried on so many boots and none were comfortable.  How do people buy shoes online?  I have to try them on, take a few steps. 

I can't imagine buying clothes online either.  I have to feel them.  I like shopping.   I like just walking through stores, even if I buy nothing at all.  Catalogues just don't do it for me.  I'm a very kinesthetic person.  I'm listening to a Tanach (Bible) class on Matan as I type, but I can't "just listen" and concentrate.  I can't watch a TV show or movie without doing something else.  I wish I could stop the TV show mid-action to leave the room and then turn it back on like a DVD.

Too many paragraphs start with "I." 

I guess I'm feeling stir-crazy since I couldn't take a walk this afternoon.

Shavua Tov
Have a Wonderful Week


Hadassa said...

You had electricity on Shabbat? Ours went out in the very early afternoon. After much talk of Karaites we sat down to a cold, dark third meal. (We had a problem with the blech too. Great timing.) Electricity came back close to ten at night so we at least slept warmly.
Try an army-camping supply store for boots. Not that I've bought a pair at one of those stores yet, but I've seen people with them, including girls/women and them seem to be the only ones worth anything.
I've successfully bought mail-order clothes for myself and my children, but you have to know that the company is trustworthy and accurately describes sizes. I would buy shoes only if I'd previously purchased from the company and knew that their sizes were consistent.

Batya said...

I hope it didn't sound like I was complaining. The sky is a funny color. I guess it's similar by you.

Camping boots would be best. I'll have to look into it.

Hadassa said...

Does anyone not kvetch when the electricity goes out and cabin fever sets in?
P.S. It snowed in nearby Har Bracha for the first time this year. A few cities (Haifa, Tel Aviv and others) received almost a month's average of rain in a day. At this rate, G-d willing, we'll have a good winter.

Batya said...

It has to continue like this a couple of times a week I guess, or however often. We have a deficit of a few years of rain.